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Marriage isn't static. It's constantly in a state of flux.

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It's NOT possible to stay in one place without change.

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It only takes one person to make a marriage better...

The truth will set you free. And the truth is, even though your spouse DOES need to change, so do you.

The GREAT news is that changing YOU is within your power even if changing your spouse is NOT... so that's where you start. With YOU.

Without Constant Reminders That You're a Man And Woman In Love, You're Bound to Become Nothing More Than Roommates

Too many couples stop 'dating' once they get married... no wonder they're miserable.

Regular daily, weekly, monthly, & yearly marriage rituals remind you that you're a man and woman in love... and building a legacy.

Unite as a couple, pursue shared dreams, and become an example of love and relationships that everyone admires and envies.

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Meet Your Marriage Coaches

Who Are We?

Rachel is an (sometimes overly) ambitious mother of seven children who likes to challenge herself to see how much she can accomplish. That currently includes homeschooling, managing a six-figure business, and traveling to 36+ countries with her family and friends.

She loves to read, learn, and travel, and create or source resources for her children to get the best education possible, which most often includes incredible experiences around the globe.

She's married to her best-friend and lover and in March 2021 they celebrate 20 years of blissful marriage.

Rachel Denning

Educator, Writer, Designer & CIO -- Chief Implementation Officer

Meet Your Marriage Coaches

Who Are We?

Greg moved out at the age of 16 and difficult personal challenges forced him to find a way become a REAL man and to build a happy family life.

Discovering the answers to life's biggest questions has led to a life-long pursuit and passion for learning and personal growth. He now shares what he's learned with others and "lives more authentically than anyone I know."

He's married to his best friend and lover, they have seven incredible kids, and he's traveled, adventured, and taught in 50 countries on five continents.

Greg Denning

Coach, Mentor, Teacher & CEO: Chief Enthusiasm Officer

Meet Your Marriage Coaches

Who Are We?