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    An Extraordinary Marriage Starts Here -- Free PDF

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    Module #1: You Can't Hit a Target You Can't See -- Your Extraordinary Marriage Vision

    • [VIDEO #1] PART 1: Why Most People DON'T Have EXTRAORDINARY Marriages

    • [VIDEO #2] PART 2: Step #1 -- Identify Your Limiting Beliefs

    • [WORKSHEET #1] Part 2: Step #1 -- Identify Your Limiting Beliefs

    • [VIDEO #3] PART 2: Step #2 -- Identify False Beliefs About Marriage & Your Spouse

    • [WORKSHEET #2] Part 2: Step #2 -- Identify False Beliefs About Marriage & Your Spouse

    • [VIDEO #4] PART 2: Step #3 -- Create a Vision of Your Ideal Marriage

    • [WORKSHEET #3] Part 2: Step #3 -- Create a Vision of Your Ideal Marriage

    • [VIDEO #5] PART 2: Step #4 -- Write Your NEW Extraordinary Marriage Story

    • [WORKSHEET #4] Part 2: Step #4 -- Write Your NEW Extraordinary Marriage Story

    • [VIDEO #6] PART 3 #1: NEW BELIEFS Change Lives

    • [VIDEO #7] PART 3 #2: Tools for Success

    • [WORKSHEETS #5, #6]Tools for Success

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    MODULE #2: How to Power Your Perfect Relationship (EMOTIONS & ENERGY)

    • [VIDEO #1] PART 1: Emotions & Energy Are the Power Tools for Building Your Marriage

    • [PART 2]: Tools for Generating Energy & Positive Emotions in Marriage

    • [VIDEO #2] Tool #1--Practice Awareness of Your Energy and Emotions

    • [WORKSHEET #1] Tool #1 -- Energy & Emotion Awareness

    • [VIDEO #3] Tool #2: Turn on Your Generator

    • [WORKSHEET #2] Tool #2 -- Physical Energy

    • [VIDEO #4] Tool #3: Morning & Evening Routines for Emotions

    • [WORKSHEET #3]Tool #3 Worksheet -- Emotion Routines

    • [VIDEO #5] Tool #4: Effectively Responding to Stress to Improve Your Marriage

    • [WORKSHEET #4] Tool #4 -- Effective Stress Response

    • [VIDEO #6] Tool #5: Releasing Toxic/Poisonous Emotions

    • [WORKSHEET #5] Tool #5 -- Releasing Toxic Emotions

    • [VIDEO #7] Tool #6: Creating New Emotional Belief Systems

    • [WORKSHEET #6] Tool #6 -- New Beliefs

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    Module #3: The CRUCIAL Routines & Rituals That Unite You & Make Changes Last

    • [VIDEO #1] Part 1: The BEST WAY Ever for Couples to Stay Together

    • [Printable PDF] -- Every Qualification for Success

    • [VIDEO #2] Part 2: Develop THIS Habit FIRST

    • [WORKSHEET] Part 2 Habits

    • [VIDEO #3] Part 3: You Are What You DO

    • [WORKSHEET] Part 3: Your Are What You DO

    • [VIDEO #4] Part 4: Creating Your New Normal

    • [WORKSHEET] Part 4: Your New Normal

    • [VIDEO #5] Part 5: Do's & Don'ts & Staying Resilient

    • [WORKSHEET] Part 5: Do's & Don'ts

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    Module #4: How Re-Designing Your Life Can Return Passion to Your Marriage

    • [VIDEO #1] Part 1: When You're STILL Not Happy, It's Because You're Missing THIS Piece

    • [VIDEO #2] Part 2: A Warning PLUS the 1st Step to Designing Your Legacy

    • [VIDEO #3] Part 3: Steps 2 to 4 and Getting Out of Living on Default

    • [VIDEO #4] Part 4: Overcoming Obstacles, Staying Resilient, and Another Warning

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    Module #5: Understanding Sex So It Becomes a Source of Connection Instead of Contention

    • [VIDEO #1] Part 1: Making Sex a Source of Connection Instead of Contention

    • [VIDEO #2] Part 2: Step 1--Understanding. Sex, Yourself and Your Spouse

    • [VIDEO #3] Part 2: Step 2-- Prioritize Sex in Your Marriage

    • [VIDEO #4] Part 2: Step 3 & 4-- Brakes & Accelerators; Systems & Strategies

    • [VIDEO #5] Times & Seasons, Acute or Chronic Chaos & Final Thoughts

    • BONUS Session— Sex Is The Linchpin & Lubricant -- Have LOTS of It to Make Married Life Smoother

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    Your Next Steps

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    Bonus Training

    • How to Make Decisions as a Couple

    • Working Through ‘Upstream’ Problems

    • Happily Ever After Marriage

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"The daily input from your videos have really been an important start to our days. We are 'reaching upward'!!" -- Wendy E.

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Meet Your Marriage Coaches

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