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You know you have a 'good' marriage, but sometimes it feels like...

  • You only give each other 'leftovers' after career, church, and kids...
  • When you're together you're not really together because one of you is on your device... or you're binge-watching Netflix...
  • One or both of you are stressed and unpleasant. It's really sad that you treat each other worse than you do your friends or neighbors...
  • This is partly due to the terrible sleep schedule and routines you keep. It seems like there's always something that interrupts life and makes it more difficult. No wonder your marriage isn't as great as it could be...
  • One or both of you try to demand obedience and respect from the kids. But this only backfires making family relationships (and your marriage) strained because you don't see eye-to-eye on how to handle this issue.
  • One of you is longing to connect intimately through conversation, while the other just wants more sex. Ugh! Why can't you sync up on this?
  • You've forgotten what it's like to be a man and woman in love...
  • Your tired, burnt out, and overwhelmed and have no idea how to give more time and attention to improving your marriage...

What if there was a simple way -- a step-by-step plan -- to create a more peaceful and passionate marriage, and to connect on a deeper level with your spouse -- in 30 days or less?

What if you were excited to see each other ever day?

What if you wanted to -- and found the time -- to really connect, you know, the way you used to when you were dating and newlyweds?

What if you did NOT have to wait for your spouse to change or take action in order to start seeing results in the next 30 days??

You'll Get Immediate Access to 22 Videos Plus a 30-Day Step-by-Step Action Plan!

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  • 01

    30 Days to an Extraordinary Marriage: PDF Download & Videos 1-11

    • PDF: 30 Days to an Extraordinary Marriage -- Your Day-by-Day Action Plan!

    • 28-Day Challenge Tracker

    • Video #1 -- Remember What it Was Like? —Time to Bring Back the Excitement!

    • Video #2 -- CHOOSE To Be Joyfully Married

    • Video #3 -- See Your Marriage with New Eyes and Create a NEW Marriage

    • Video #4 -- An Extraordinary Marriage Requires These 3 Types of Respect

    • Video #5 -- Is Your Marriage ACTUALLY a Priority to You? Here's how to tell...

    • Video #6 -- Take 100% Ownership Of Your Marriage (NOT Your Spouse)

    • Video #7 -- If You Do the 'Bare Minimum' You'll Get a 'Bare Minimum' Marriage

    • Video #8 -- You're Not the Status Quo, So Don't Have a 'Status Quo' Marriage

    • Video #9 -- There Are Only Two Things Keeping You From the Results You Want.

    • Video #10 -- Success in Marriage is All About the 'S' word...

    • Video #11 -- Train Your Brain, Your Emotions, Your Sex Life, Your Relationship, Your Spouse

  • 02

    30 Days to an Extraordinary Marriage -- Videos 12-22

    • Video #12 -- How to Bring Back the Connection You've Lost in Your Marriage

    • Video #13: How to Know if Your Marriage is Immature & Underdeveloped

    • Video #14 -- It's Safe to Assume That You Haven't YET Mastered This Art

    • Video #15 -- Being Married is Like Jumping Out of An Airplane

    • Video #16 -- How to Influence Your Spouse to Pursue D.U.M.B. Goals if They Can't or Won't

    • Video #17 -- The Underlying Cause of Your Marital Differences is Because Your Spouse THINKS Different

    • Video #18 -- How to Establish Healthy Boundaries (NOT Walls) in Your Marriage

    • Video #19 -- The Condition of YOUR Heart = The Condition of Your Marriage

    • Video #20 -- Ask Yourself These Questions to Get Out of Victimville and NEVER Go Back

    • Video #21 -- How to Effectively Have the TOUGH, Intense Conversations with Your Spouse

    • Video #22 -- Let's Talk About Sex

    • 9 More Marriage Videos & Tips

  • 03

    Q&A Section-- Video responses to your questions

    • Bonus Audio -- A Blissful Marriage is a CHOICE, Not Chance or Luck

    • How to Set boundaries and stay positive



    Even if you're marriage is 'good', it can't stay that way. You're either working on your marriage, or by default, you're working on your divorce!


    You don't have to give your marriage leftovers -- drained all the time and running on empty. Discover how to become re-energized and vibrantly alive, able, and willing to give your best to your most important relationship.


    It only takes ONE person to improve a marriage. Learn how to have more influence and impact with your spouse.

"Unique and thorough advice! I've seen improvements just with my efforts in working on this class! The new understanding that I gained was priceless."

-- Tiffany C.

Meet Your Marriage Coaches

Who Are We?

Rachel is an (sometimes overly) ambitious mother of seven children who likes to challenge herself to see how much she can accomplish. That currently includes homeschooling, managing a six-figure business, and traveling to 36+ countries with her family and friends.

She loves to read, learn, and travel, and create or source resources for her children to get the best education possible, which most often includes incredible experiences around the globe.

She's married to her best-friend and lover and in March 2021 they celebrate 20 years of blissful marriage.

Rachel Denning

Educator, Writer, Designer & CIO -- Chief Implementation Officer

Meet Your Marriage Coaches

Who Are We?

Greg moved out at the age of 16 and difficult personal challenges forced him to find a way become a REAL man and to build a happy family life.

Discovering the answers to life's biggest questions has led to a life-long pursuit and passion for learning and personal growth. He now shares what he's learned with others and "lives more authentically than anyone I know."

He's married to his best friend and lover, they have seven incredible kids, and he's traveled, adventured, and taught in 50 countries on five continents.

Greg Denning

Coach, Mentor, Teacher & CEO: Chief Enthusiasm Officer