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    Video Lessons

    • Day #1 [Y] & [M] -- You AND Your Marriage—Time to Bring Back the Excitement
    • Day #2 [M] MARRIAGE -- CHOOSE To Be Joyfully Married
    • Day #3 [V] VISION -- See Your Marriage with New Eyes and Create a NEW Marriage
    • Day #4 [T] TRUST -- An Extraordinary Marriage Requires These 3 Types of Respect
    • Day #5 [O] OWNERSHIP -- Is Your Marriage ACTUALLY a Priority to You? Here's how to tell...
    • DAY #6 [O] OWNERSHIP -- Take 100% Ownership Of Your Marriage (NOT Your Spouse)
    • Day #7 [P] PRINCIPLES & PRACTICES -- If You Do the 'Bare Minimum' You'll Get a 'Bare Minimum' Marriage
    • Day #8 [Q] STATUS QUO -- You're Not the Status Quo, So Don't Have a 'Status Quo' Marriage
    • Day #9 [R] RESEARCH & RESULTS -- There Are Only Two Things Keeping You From the Results You Want.
    • Day #10 [S] STRATEGY -- Success in Marriage is All About the 'S' word...
    • Day #11 [T] TRAINING -- Train Your Brain, Your Emotions, Your Sex Life, Your Relationship, Your Spouse
    • Day 12 [M] MARRIAGE -- Make Sure You're Doing It Both Ways ;)
    • Day #13 [Y] YOU -- A Blissful Marriage is a CHOICE, Not Chance or Luck
    • Day #14 [T] TRUST -- It's Safe to Assume That You Haven't YET Mastered This Art
    • Day #15 [M] MARRIAGE -- Being Married is Like Jumping Out of An Airplane
    • Day #16 [P] PRINCIPLES-- How to Influence Your Spouse to Pursue D.U.M.B. Goals if They Can't or Won't
    • Day #17 [M] MARRIAGE -- The Underlying Cause of Your Marital Differences is Because Your Spouse THINKS Different
    • Day #18 [T] TRUST -- How to Establish Healthy Boundaries (NOT Walls) in Your Marriage
    • Day #19 [Y] YOU -- The Condition of YOUR Heart = The Condition of Your Marriage
    • Day #20 [Q] QUESTION -- Ask Yourself These Questions to Get Out of Victimville and NEVER Go Back
    • Day #21 [T] TRAINING -- How to Effectively Have the TOUGH, Intense Conversations with Your Spouse
    • Day #22 [M] MARRIAGE -- Let's Talk About Sex
    • Day #1 - If You've Ever Been Irritated With Your Spouse, Then You MUST Make This List...
    • Day #23 [S] STRATEGY -- If You've Ever Been Irritated With Your Spouse, Then You MUST Make This List...
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