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    30 Days to an Extraordinary Marriage: PDF Download & Videos 1-11

    • PDF: 30 Days to an Extraordinary Marriage -- Your Day-by-Day Action Plan!

    • 28-Day Challenge Tracker

    • Video #1 -- Remember What it Was Like? —Time to Bring Back the Excitement!

    • Video #2 -- CHOOSE To Be Joyfully Married

    • Video #3 -- See Your Marriage with New Eyes and Create a NEW Marriage

    • Video #4 -- An Extraordinary Marriage Requires These 3 Types of Respect

    • Video #5 -- Is Your Marriage ACTUALLY a Priority to You? Here's how to tell...

    • Video #6 -- Take 100% Ownership Of Your Marriage (NOT Your Spouse)

    • Video #7 -- If You Do the 'Bare Minimum' You'll Get a 'Bare Minimum' Marriage

    • Video #8 -- You're Not the Status Quo, So Don't Have a 'Status Quo' Marriage

    • Video #9 -- There Are Only Two Things Keeping You From the Results You Want.

    • Video #10 -- Success in Marriage is All About the 'S' word...

    • Video #11 -- Train Your Brain, Your Emotions, Your Sex Life, Your Relationship, Your Spouse

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    30 Days to an Extraordinary Marriage -- Videos 12-22

    • Video #12 -- How to Bring Back the Connection You've Lost in Your Marriage

    • Video #13: How to Know if Your Marriage is Immature & Underdeveloped

    • Video #14 -- It's Safe to Assume That You Haven't YET Mastered This Art

    • Video #15 -- Being Married is Like Jumping Out of An Airplane

    • Video #16 -- How to Influence Your Spouse to Pursue D.U.M.B. Goals if They Can't or Won't

    • Video #17 -- The Underlying Cause of Your Marital Differences is Because Your Spouse THINKS Different

    • Video #18 -- How to Establish Healthy Boundaries (NOT Walls) in Your Marriage

    • Video #19 -- The Condition of YOUR Heart = The Condition of Your Marriage

    • Video #20 -- Ask Yourself These Questions to Get Out of Victimville and NEVER Go Back

    • Video #21 -- How to Effectively Have the TOUGH, Intense Conversations with Your Spouse

    • Video #22 -- Let's Talk About Sex

    • 9 More Marriage Videos & Tips

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    Q&A Section-- Video responses to your questions

    • Bonus Audio -- A Blissful Marriage is a CHOICE, Not Chance or Luck

    • How to Set boundaries and stay positive

"These videos are an important start to our day..."

"The daily input from your videos have really been an important start to our days. We are "reaching upward!!" -- Wendy E.

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"Unique and thorough advice! I've seen improvements just with the efforts I've made after working through this class! The new understanding that I gained was priceless."

-- Tiffany C.