Learn How to Totally Transform Your Life... AND Become Your BEST Self... BEFORE Breakfast


"I think my biggest breakthroughs [come from] powerful morning, afternoon, and evening routines... I'm hoping to get gradually better at them. Thank you so much for your encouragement!! My husband and I are both having some major mind shifts and it's great!"

A Rising Tide Lifts ALL Boats

Be the 'Tide' in Your Family
When the tide comes it, it lifts all boats.
YOU can be the tide in your family. Family life gets better when YOU get better.

Stop Organizing a Life You Don't LOVE & Start Living the Life of Your DREAMS. Get the Extraordinary Life Planner

The Way Most People Plan Their Days is WRONG And Is KEEPING Them Stuck in an Unfulfilling Life.

A great family life begins with visionary parents who pursue something besides the mundane.

"Loving every minute! Have had some amazing days with my kids! Woo woo!"

Stop Living a Life of 'Quiet Desperation' -- Learn How to Get OUT And Live!

Too many people are living a humdrum existence -- merely existing. Life SHOULD be better than that!

"It's funny, yesterday my wife and I were talking about how life just isn't easy and mostly not fun. Work, work, work, taking care of the kids, taking them to taekwondo, fixing up the house and on and on and so little time for taking hikes or going out or traveling, etc. Then I signed up with you guys and already, you're speaking to my heart. Thanks. First day was really, really good."

How YOU Live YOUR Life is How You Teach Your Children to Live Theirs -- Be Someone Worth Modeling

Learn How the Greatest Leaders & Thinkers Use BOOKS to Transform & Improve Their Lives

Discover how to develop the habit of regular 'input' and use books & audiobooks to transform your life.

Reading & listening to audiobooks is like exercise for the brain. It atrophies if not used... your ideas & thinking get stale.

"Income levels are drastically different between people who listen to the radio in the car vs those who listen to audiobooks or podcasts!"

The 3 Things You NEED to Know to Create the Life You WANT to Live


"We have been making changes in our family and I am really starting to see the vision of what we want and where we are headed. Still have lots of work to do but I am already seeing shifts and changes in our family. Everyone around me hears a lot about the Denning’s. LOL."

An EXTRAORDINARY Family Life is Possible With This Simple, Straightforward 'Formula'

You Don't Have to Settle for Just 'Good' or 'Okay'.

If You're Family Life is NOT Already Exactly Where You'd Like It To Be, You Can't Afford To Waste Another Day!

"I am realizing BIG TIME just how helpful these videos are for me every day. I HAVE to listen to them, or I fall back into old ways super fast. I need the constant reminders right now- so thank you!"

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Your Family Life Coaches

Who Are We?

Rachel is an (sometimes overly) ambitious mother of seven children who likes to challenge herself to see how much she can accomplish. That currently includes homeschooling, managing a six-figure business, and traveling to 50+ countries with her family, plus planning and leading trips for youth and families.

She loves to read, learn, and travel, and create or source resources for her children to get the best education possible, which most often includes incredible experiences around the globe.

She's married to her best-friend and lover and in March 2023 they celebrated 22 years of marriage on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

Rachel Denning

Educator, Writer, Designer & CIO -- Chief Implementation Officer

Your Family Life Coaches

Who Are We?

Greg moved out at the age of 16 and difficult personal challenges forced him to find a way become a REAL man and to build a happy family life.

Discovering the answers to life's biggest questions has led to a life-long pursuit and passion for learning and personal growth. He now shares what he's learned with others and "lives more authentically than anyone I know."

He's married to his best friend and lover, they have seven incredible kids, and he's traveled, adventured, and taught in 50 countries on five continents.

Greg Denning

Coach, Mentor, Teacher & CEO: Chief Enthusiasm Officer