It really IS possible to train yourself to become more confident, competent, and RESPECTED, but ONLY with Greg Denning's Be THE Family-Man Workshop

A 7-day workshop and bundle designed to create the quick but real (aka LONG-LASTING) results you want and NEED while strengthening your most important relationships. Simultaneously.

Ditch excuses and complaining.
Become THE MAN and get RESULTS with the Be The Family-Man Workshop


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"Thank you. I certainly have a feminine side, but also a masculine. Thank you for making me feel validated."-- Ted

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You know you're a 'good' husband and father... but sometimes it feels like:

  • You only have 'leftovers' to give after coming home from work. Your career or business zaps your energy and patience

You after work

  • You spend so much time on your device/phone or watching TV that even when you're home you're not really 'present'.
  • You're sick of being stressed out which leads to irritability with your wife and the kids. You know they deserve to have you be happier and kinder. You don't treat your co-workers or friends this way...
  • This is partly due to the fact that you keep a horrible work and sleep schedule!
  • You're too controlling over the finances (and other stuff too) and you feel bad about it.
  • You wish you could earn more money (or at least give the family access to more money so they can use it for what they need to grow and develop. You're just always stressed there won't be enough and that there will be no end to trading your life for money!)
  • You've got to admit it -- you try to demand obedience from the kids instead of earning their respect through mentoring.
  • Your wife wants you to help out more but you just need to decompress when you get home -- so it's as though she has another 'child' to care for... not an adult to help and support HER!
  • You're longing to connect MORE often intimately and sexually but your wife is often too busy or disinterested. (Shhh... a little secret -- this is likely because HER needs aren't being met. They are different than yours.)
  • You lack self-confidence and it's not helping you to be the husband and father you need to be.
  • You've forgotten what it feels like to know you have more potential and untapped greatness.
  • You've lost sight of your goals, dreams, and ambitions.
  • You're unhappy, discouraged, depressed, and/or burnt-out... but you don't know how to change any of that... you might even be dealing with childhood trauma.

What if there WAS a way to be happier, RESPECTED, & kinder, AND more fulfilled?

What if you were EXCITED to go home and see your wife and kids? 

AND had enough energy to help out with chores and wrestle with the kids?

What if when your wife wanted to talk to you about your day you sincerely listened to her share her thoughts and feelings?

What if your wife and children truly RESPECTED you because you were honestly the BEST MAN they have in their life.

Sign up now for Greg Denning's 7-day Be THE Family-Man Workshop and he'll show you why this isn't some 'pipe dream' once you truly understand the 7 things that most men are missing from their life that cause them to behave in ways that SABOTAGE their relationships, personal happiness, and keep them from getting the RESULTS they want and NEED.

USUALLY $488 -- NOW JUST $47 WITH COUPON CODE 'training' but ONLY for a limited time!


I just want to say thank you for making such a great resource available! I am super excited to [go through it] and better solidify and define what masculinity is in my mind and how to help nurture it in my family. I hope others recognize the truth in your words and are able to take it to heart. -- Cedar

"Thank you. I really needed to read this today.

My wife and I are splitting. She's always wanting me to be something I'm not, and I certainly have a feminine side, but also a masculine.

Thank you for making me feel validated." -- Ted



    Instead of existing in a 'walking coma', having a mid-life crisis, or feeling like you're 'dying on the inside', you can bring yourself back to life so you're excited about living YOUR life again!


    You don't have to be drained all the time and running on empty. Become re-energized and vibrantly alive, able and willing to be supportive, and THE man your family wants and NEEDS you to be!


    Without something really challenging, noble, or meaningful to work on or towards, men lose excitement for living and mentally disconnect. Greg will help you find purpose again.


    There's a reason why the kids don't listen to you and you've lost some respect from your wife... Gain it back & INCREASE your influence and respect with the tools in this Be the Family-Man Workshop


    Feel better about yourself, walk with your head held high and your shoulders back, confident you can take on the world with your uniquely acquired 'particular set of skills'.


    Men who feel like they're 'dying inside' aren't living up to their full potential -- including earning & income. Unleash YOUR power within and you'll increase your earning ability -- something you (and your family) WANTS & NEEDS you to do.

SIGN UP FOR THIS WORKSHOP -- today! Only $488 $47 with coupon code 'training'

"I just purchased your Be the Family Man workshop as your last few e-mails have resonated with me. I am [excited for] what I will learn to benefit my marriage but also because I am raising two sons and I am saddened by the demise of masculinity in our society. It has become a negative thing, as your reader mentioned Toxic Masculinity, to demonstrate the essence of what I believe is masculine. We need stronger leaders who are capable of doing the right thing and the tough thing and feeling competent doing so (this can be male or female, but the energy is masculine). Many thanks for all you are providing on your website and through your programs. " -- Andrea

WHY a 'Be THE Family-Man' Workshop... and what is it exactly?

Hey! I'm Greg Denning. Joyfully married for 20 years and father of 7 children.

Not only that, but I'm an executive life & business coach who's worked with thousands of families (and men) on five continents helping them to find peace, happiness, purpose, fulfillment, adventure, and meaning in their family life through seminars, workshops, one-on-one, and group coaching, and live adventures and trips.

But I didn't start out as a successful man or come from a successful family. I left home at the age of 16 and spent some lonely, hard, and depressing years. Sometimes I was homeless and had to sleep in my truck. I often went hungry. I was shy, timid, and terrified of people. This painful time became a catalyst that drove me (out of desperation) to find the answers to success and happiness in life. I couldn't continue to live in pain and suffering!

The truths I discovered led me to marry the woman and create the marriage of my dreams, become a father of seven amazing children, 'worldschool' and travel with them to 40+ countries on 5 continents, all while building a successful multiple six-figure coaching business.

The idea for this Be THE Family-Man Workshop came to me when I asked myself some questions recently...

With so much going on in the world right now -- economies, pandemics, education crises, etc. -- I know many men and women, couples and families are struggling...

Either because they're unable to handle the additional stresses life is throwing at them right now or because everything has drastically changed and they're not sure what to do about it.

More importantly, the challenges and struggles you were dealing with before that ALREADY made life difficult, meaningless, discouraging, often overwhelming and sometimes boring have now been aggravated by worldwide stressors.

And let's be real.

The strategies we were using before to handle life's daily struggles were BARELY getting us through.

Today they No. Longer. Work.

Basically, all families -- and husbands/fathers especially -- could use a life-management-strategy overhaul right now. We could ALL benefit from a workshop to help us cope, gain confidence (and hope), and the competence and skillities (skills & abilities) to not only SURVIVE but THRIVE -- no matter what the world brings -- and regardless of whether we're currently doing 'okay' and making it through or we're barely hanging on!

So I asked myself two questions:

How can I help husbands and fathers QUICKLY gain more confidence and competence so they can be more present, engaged, influential, AND abundant -- and essentially be THE MAN their families NEED them to be right now?


How can I ALSO help these men QUICKLY feel more fulfillment, excitement, purpose, and passion for their family, work, and life?

I did NOT ask...

..."how can I help husbands and fathers overhaul their life and career?" That can take months or years.

..."how can I help these men achieve their biggest goals and dreams?" That can require large investments of time and money.

..."how can I help these men totally transform their way of life?" That can take weeks or longer.

What I DID ask is:

How can I help husbands and fathers see QUICK, positive -- but long-lasting -- results in the shortest amount of time possible?

I thought it over and examined all of the strategies and principles I've used in coaching and teaching for the past 25+ years and I came back to what just WORKS...

Key principles & strategies I have personally used to create my own success and the unbelievable success of my clients -- from losing 50 lbs to earning more in one month than they used to earn a year, to bringing back the passion to their marriage, and overcoming major health challenges.

Principles & strategies which -- when finally understood and applied -- change EVERYTHING for a man!


And you can learn and start applying them in about 7 to 30 days (or less).

These principles & strategies I teach inside the Be THE Family-Man Workshop are the same ones I've used in my high-end coaching sessions to help men be better engaged, PRESENT, patient, and contributing husbands and fathers.

They're the same strategies my clients have used to DOUBLE and TRIPLE their income -- and their family life happiness and contentment.

They are the same strategies my clients have used to find more fulfillment in work; to discover their life passion & purpose; to bring the spark & romance back to their marriage; and to become the MAN that their wife, children, extended family, and peers RESPECT and come to for advice and counsel.

These strategies WORK. And now I want to share them with you.

Awww yeah!

Can women join this Workshop to learn more about how to help their husbands and sons?

I've been married for 20 years. I know how much influence my wife can have over me -- especially when done the right way and with the RIGHT TOOLS (which I'll show you)!

Men are busy working, sleeping, eating, watching sports, mowing the lawn, and a thousand other things.

They're less likely to be online looking for ways to improve themselves or their family life.

That's where you -- his better half -- comes in.

There are two ways you can go about sharing this course with him:

  1. Buy it and send it to him. (The best approach if you have an open relationship and he's open to self-improvement. He'll be grateful.)
  2. Buy it and watch the videos, listen to the audios, and use the many resources to diplomatically start discussions. (The best approach if he'd be 'offended' if you bought him a 'Man Workshop' and thinks he's perfect the way he is. 😉 )

The Be THE Family-Man Workshop can help any husband -- or any wife to help their husband using the right approaches, conversation starters, and influential ideas. (Don't worry, I'll show you how!)

If you've ever tried to 'help' your husband before, you know it's not always easy. 😉   That's why this Workshop is DEFINITELY a huge resource for you. I'll share the missing pieces that will make 'helping' him WAY easier.

If you're ready to ditch the nagging and complaining and are ready to see quick-but-real, lasting changes in your husband's happiness, confidence, and skillities (remember that word?) -- then the Be THE Family-Man Workshop is for you (and/or him).

If you're sad (and tired) of seeing your husband discouraged and depressed, hopeless and exhausted, impatient, distracted, lacking self-confidence, and slowly dying on the inside... then you (and he) NEED the Be THE Family-Man Workshop!

If your husband spends too much time on his device and too little time in the 'present'... 

If you're tired of him demanding obedience from your kids instead of mentoring them...

If your marriage is distant or cold or spark-less...

...then you DEFINITELY need the Be THE Family-Man Workshop.

Geez, even if things are going great with your marriage, family, and husband, but you're ready for 'more' -- the next level -- then the Be THE Family-Man Workshop is for you!!

Inside the Be THE Family-Man Workshop I share:

👉🏻  The one thing your husband MUST have in order to ACTUALLY feel like a MAN. (And unless he FEELS like a man he won't act like one.)

👉🏻    Speaking of feeling like a man, without THIS your husband is quickly de-masculinated, which leaves him acting like a child or whipped puppy.

👉🏻   Why he spends so much time doing things that annoy and irritate -- it's because he's missing THIS and looking for 'replacements' (even though they don't exist).

👉🏻   Why he sometimes feels hurt, wounded, or afraid to love.

👉🏻   Why his greatest insecurity is actually keeping him from earning more and reaching his potential.

👉🏻   Why you want (and NEED) him to be a 'dangerous man' (and what that really means).

👉🏻   Why he needs authority and respect -- and how he can best EARN it, the right way.

👉🏻   How he can GENERATE all the energy he needs to be fully PRESENT & ENGAGED.

👉🏻   How to become the master of his emotions so that he never has to lose his temper again! (Yes, this is really possible, and I should know because I was 'born' with a 'red-headed temper'.)

...all this and much MORE complete with all the videos, printouts, challenges, posters, trackers, and tutorials you need to make this a simple, quick, and easy process. 

This is the ONLY place you will see this WORKSHOP offered at this price.

You can sign up later but at 13x as much -- $441 MORE!
However, RIGHT NOW get access for $47 with coupon code 'training'!


Instead of coming home EXHAUSTED and irritated, you come home full of ENERGY and ready to ENGAGE fully with your wife and kids.

...WANTING (and being able) to put your phone away to be PRESENT, affectionate, and patient with the family... no more need to 'decompress' (at least not the old ways that don't strengthen your family relationships).

...feeling that you're growing in CONFIDENCE and improving your COMPETENCE as a man, husband, father, provider, lover, and leader.

...managing your stress better and being filled more often with contentment and joy.

...partly because you're keeping a better sleep and work schedule, which gives you more time to spend doing what you love with the people you love.

...discovering your inner greatness, feeling goal-driven in a healthy way, and losing your sense of hopelessness and discouragement -- you're actually feeling excited about life again!

...AND earning more money than ever!

These are what the strategies & principles I teach in the Be THE Family-Man Workshop have done for the coaching clients I've worked with.

They're the things that make the difference between men who feel like they're in a 'walking coma' and slowly 'dying inside'...

...and the men who feel AWAKE, ENERGIZED, AND ALIVE!

And I'm sharing this right now with you because I don't want any more couples and families to suffer needlessly any longer than they have to when there are PROVEN solutions to end the misery.

I don't want you (and your family) to simply SURVIVE...

I want you to THRIVE.

And you CAN with the Be THE Family Man Workshop.

Sign up for the Be THE Family Man Workshop TODAY...


Now only $47 for the next three days with coupon code 'training'

The REAL Deal...

Here's what clients have to say about Greg

"Greg lives more authentically than anyone I know." -- Bill T.

"I purchased this because I want to help and encourage my husband and I want to raise great boys. And my husband and I work with young men in our church community off and on. Thanks for your awesome courses and influence!" -- Britta B.

Here's what you will learn inside The Workshop:

The 'secret' ingredient of the most successful men I know -- a super simple process and routine I teach in the Be THE Man University that you can implement right away to increase inspiration, motivation, and confidence.
This ESSENTIAL element that most men are missing but when discovered gives their life meaning, clarity, & excitement!!  This key piece will overcome discouragement & burn-out.
The #1 reason some men are like child-husbands  -- why it's not your fault -- and what to do about it.
The one thing most men are not getting enough of and why they MUST have more of it... it's NOT what you think.
Why some men have a hard time loving, being loved, and being PRESENT -- plus how & WHY you must change that.
The reasons men WANT & NEED to earn more money... and the thing that is holding them back is also keeping them 'stuck' and 'hopeless'.
A man's major problems and obstacles in life come down to the fact that he's missing THESE!!
Why a man wants & NEEDS to be respected & esteemed  (MORE than loved) by his wife, kids, and peers -- but why (& HOW) he has to EARN it by being THE MAN.

Who is The Workshop for?

It's obviously for men -- husbands and fathers, but it's specifically for...


    If you hate to admit it but you're tired of being unhappy, unpleasant, and/or exhausted and discouraged, then The Workshop is your guide to the training, insights, tools, and resources necessary to help YOU gain awareness and the strategies you need to not just survive marriage and family life, but to THRIVE!


    It's not too late (or too early) to discover how to help your boys to become real MEN by truly understanding the 7 key ingredients of healthy and successful manhood. The Workshop will teach you strategies & tools that you can apply now, no matter how young your son(s) are. "I wish I'd had the Be THE Family Man Workshp when my boys were younger. It would have helped me raise better men."


    If you've lost hope and wondering if there's any chance your husband will EVER be happier, pleasant, more helpful, or hopeful, then The Workshop is for you. If there is ANY chance, then this is it! Greg Denning has been working with men for over two decades and he knows what makes them tick! Now he's going to share what he knows with YOU.

Here's What's Included in The Be THE Family Man Workshop

This life-changing Workshop is packed full of resources that are worth more than $494!

  • MANLY Podcasts
    $47 value

    Carefully curated podcasts by Greg Denning to help you (and your wife) better understand what it actually means to be a REAL man (it's probably not what you think, and it has nothing to do with discounting women). These are easy resources to daily inspire and instruct real manhood.

  • Must Read 'Man Books' List
    $37 value

    Men need books (and audiobooks) that inspire them to have an adventure, take risks, live boldly and nobly, earn respect, gain skills and abilities, and to live a GREAT life. Greg Denning has the list of books men MUST read. Another great list of dozens of resources!

  • Be THE MAN University
    $94 total value

    The MANLY Podcasts and Must Read 'Man Books' list are part of the Be THE MAN University -- an $94 total value. The best men I know live by the 5-hour rule -- they read and study a minimum of 5 hours a week (and up to 5 hours per day!)
    Includes the Man Books Checklist ($7 value)!!

  • The Amazing Morning Method
    $47 value

    A simple yet incredibly powerful system for helping you have a good day EVERY day. Learn how to make a few simple tweaks to start your days better and you'll be amazed at how it will totally transform your life with a system that Greg has used for over 25 years!

  • The 7 Necessary A's of
    $327 value

    7 videos, 7 days, 7 NECESSARY things that every man needs in order to be THE MAN. Without them, you flounder, falter, and fail, and feel discouraged, dejected, and depressed. With them, you'll be a new man.

  • 'Man Needs' Poster
    $17 value

    The 7 A's Every Man Needs printable poster or postcard will be an easy and quick reminder of what is covered in The Workshop -- the 7 things you (and your boys) NEED to become the best version of yourselves.

A $488 value only $47 for a limited time!
But only with coupon code 'training'.

You won't see this price again!

Here's some of what is covered in The Workshop:

A Message from Your Coach: taking action -- which you've done! -- is the first step to success!
Why being THE MAN matters so much -- not just for YOU (the man), but for your family and the world!
THE 1ST 'A' -- a man NEEDS this if he wants confidence and a meaningful purpose in his life (sorry, being a husband and father is NOT enough by itself). He needs this 'A'.
THE 2ND 'A' -- every man "loses the strength of manliness when he has others do what he should do for himself." PLUS he loses confidence and self-reliance. He needs to restore this 'A'.
THE 3RD 'A' -- in an effort to be a 'good guy', good men are missing this list. He needs it back, the 3rd 'A'.
THE 4TH 'A' -- a man will be more affectionate and stop waiting to be loved before expressing love to his wife and children when he figures out this 'A'.
THE 5TH 'A' -- men will earn more, find fulfillment in his career (or switch), and feel BETTER about himself with this 'A'. [2 videos.]
THE 6TH 'A' -- EVERY problem in a man's life can be solved with this 'A'. No joke. [2 videos]
THE 7TH 'A' -- what all men crave but few men have-- a man WANTS this with his sweetheart and kids... but he has to EARN it. Here's how with the last 'A'.
Must Read 'Man Books' -- Greg Denning has read over 1,000 books. He's carefully curated a list of books that help men be MEN. Buy one or two right away on audio or in paperback and start getting daily inspiration in your life! Wives, leave them lying around for your hubby!
10+ Curated Podcasts for Men -- How to Be a REAL Man; Formidable & Indomitable; Your Moral Obligation to Become Your Best Self; Refuse to Live a Default Life; and MORE!

Lifetime Access!

The Be THE Family Man Workshop is designed to be a 7-day experience. But don't worry! It's not going anywhere.

Once you purchase you will have Lifetime Access so you can take as long as you want... or go back to reference the material at any time! Next week, next month, next year, or in a decade!

I know it's unbelievable, but this one-time price is also a ONE TIME investment -- no other fees or costs for Lifetime Access!


For a short time only $47 with coupon code 'training'

Lock in the price now. It WILL be going up soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are you selling this Workshop for so cheap?

    Great question! I am offering this at a HUGE discount but that's so I can offer it to as many families as possible -- especially now when there are so many challenges going on in the world. Financial, educational, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, and more! I sincerely want to help more people, and offering this Workshop for a low price is one way to do that.

  • If you want to help people, why aren't you just giving this away for free?

    The research is clear... people often don't value the things they get for free. But if they have to pay for something then they view it as an investment and they take it more seriously. "People who pay, pay attention." The truth is, you would be likely to get MORE out of this course if I charged you the full $488... but I'm not going to do that because I know that price range is a barrier to so many people right now.

  • When does the Be THE Family Man Workshop start? How long will I have access? How much time do I need to go through it?

    You will have Lifetime Access when you purchase so you can start right away! Or at a later date if things are crazy right now (although I recommend doing SOMETHING right away, even if it's one video). You could binge-watch the entire Workshop in less time than it takes to watch your favorite series. But most people watch one of the &7 'A' videos per day and then continue with one podcast or reading/listening to one of the recommended books every day.

  • What if I've already 'tried everything' and I still can't change?

    Most 'self-help' systems or approaches fail because they're dealing with symptom management instead of healing the cause of the illness. Or they're hacking away at the branches when the problem lies at the roots. It's not your fault. You didn't know any different. The Workshop gets to the roots and stops problems at their source.

  • I already know what to do, I just need to do it. Why do I need this Workshop?

    "To know and not to do is really not to know."
    Often, even if we already 'know' something, hearing it in a different or unique way makes it 'click' in our minds and hearts. PLUS, there are always the GOLDEN NUGGETS -- little gems of information that by themselves are worth 10x the value of your investment. This happens to me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I purchase a workshop, seminar, book, or course... even when I pay $10k or more. If you do already know, it's still worth purchasing the Workshop just for the Golden Nuggets you'll discover. I can't wait to hear what you find!

  • If this is stuff you use with your coaching clients, how do I know it will work for me if I'm not getting live coaching?

    I have to be honest and say that the BEST option for getting these results is one-on-one or group coaching. But if that is something that is not in your budget right now ($79/mo+ for group coaching or $4k and up for 12 one-on-one sessions) then this is a FANTASTIC option that will generate real, lasting results!

  • What if my wife won't let me spend money on this or what if I buy it for my husband who will be mad at me for buying him a 'Man Workshop'?

    If your wife really won't let you spend $47 on something without her approval or permission, then you (and she) REALLY need this Workshop -- DESPERATELY! My honest suggestion would be to buy it and then let her read this comment... and have a discussion about how there needs to be some changes that take place in your family culture and relationship. In a healthy relationship, spouses can be trusted to make minor purchases (under $500 or $100, depending on the budget/couple) without consulting their spouse about every nickel and dime.

    And to wives whose husbands might be mad about buying something that is meant to help him be 'better' I can understand. Men can be very sensitive about not being 'good enough' and if he thinks you think he's not 'good enough' and needs to improve, it can hurt. You can start by learning the content yourself and using it to spark ideas and discussions you can have together. Later, you can bring it up as something you bought to help you understand him more because you noticed that he seemed __________ (unhappy, discouraged, unmotivated, etc.) and wanted to find a way to support him better. Most men will at least find this an easy way to 'admit' the things he's been struggling with... or it will at least bring awareness to a problem that hasn't been addressed.

  • If my husband has serious physical or mental health issues will the Workshop just be a waste of my time and money? Doesn't he need professional help?

    He might. But everything taught in the Workshop will only help and support any professional help he might need... PLUS it can provide help NOW especially if he is resistant to 'professional' help because of the stigma associated with it. And to be honest, my strategies focus on getting RESULTS and results build confidence and confidence breeds success and success helps men process and deal with their 'crap'. It's backwards from 'traditional' approaches, but it works, unlike some 'professional' methods.

  • Are there additional costs involved in implementing what you teach in the Workshop? Will I have to buy other resources?

    I have included hours worth of resources -- mostly video & audio. I've also included recommended books and/or audiobooks. You can purchase these books on something like Amazon or Audible, or you can borrow them from your library or listen to them on a library app like Libby.

    However, one of the biggest keys to our family's success is a constant and never-ending investment into our growth and development. As a young married couple we always said, "If we have money, we buy books. If there's any leftover, we'll buy food." Today I still live by the philosophy that "if it's worth reading, it's worth owning." We own over 500 books in our Audible library that now our children get to listen to. But these additional investments are not required to obtain results.

  • I'm confused about something. Is it for men, women, or couples?

    Greg created the Workshop for men. I (Rachel) am writing to women because they are mostly the ones who subscribe to my emails and are following my Instagram.

    The Workshop is for them too because it will help them better understand their husbands... the goal is that you can start having discussions with him and eventually bring it up and have him go through the Workshop too, as it will help him understand himself.

    So the answer is 'Yes'. It's for men, women, and couples. 😁

  • Is this live every day for 7 days or access to recordings?

    It is pre-recorded and self-paced. You will receive emails for 7-days with links to the videos. But really, you can go through it anytime as you'll have Lifetime access.

Okay, so how does this Workshop work?

I've already done decades of research, read over 1,000 books, tested, tweaked, and refined these strategies by using them in my own life and with hundreds of clients... I've discovered systems that work like clockwork.

All you have to do to make them work for you is:

  • Check Your Email & Watch the Short Daily Videos or Listen to the Audios

  • Take Action on the Steps And/Or Start a Discussion With Your Wife. Do Some Writing

  • Start Enjoying More Meaning & Purpose to Your Life

You Can Get ALL of This Life-Changing Information for a Low One-Time Price

($488 value)

  • Curated MANLY Podcasts -- $47 value

  • Must Read 'Man Books' List -- $37 value

  • Be The Man University with Checklist -- $84 total value

  • The Amazing Morning Method -- $47 value

  • The 7 Necessary A's of Family-Manhood -- $327 value

  • 'Man Needs' Printable Poster/Card -- $17 value

The Way I See It, You Have Three Options...

Option #1 -- Do Nothing

You can close this page now and go on with your life and marriage and keep doing what you're doing -- nagging, complaining, crying, yelling, praying, pleading, wishing -- basically NOTHING that actually works.

But if that doesn't seem like a good option for you because you'd really like some different results, then you're left with these two options below:

Option #2 -- Do It On Your Own

You can figure out everything I teach in The Workshop on your own. You can read all the books, attend all the seminars, and do all the training.


It will only take you a couple of decades and tens of thousands of dollars (if not more).

But if that seems like a high price to pay in time and money because you'd really like quicker results (and don't really have two decades to wait to be happier), then you're left with the 3rd option below:

Option #3 -- Let Me Do It For You!

I have already spent countless hours and tens of thousands of dollars over the last 20+ years reading, research, testing, experimenting, and refining the methods, systems, and strategies that help MEN THRIVE as husbands, fathers, providers, lovers, and MEN.

I've used what I've discovered to successfully create my own life (I left home as a teen at the age of 16, remember?) I've also used these same strategies and techniques to help my coaching clients transform their lives.

Now I've recorded the most powerful strategies and made them available in this Workshop.

All YOU have to do is sign up, check your email every day, watch the short videos or listen to the audios or read from the books, and then apply what you learn (simple 'tweaks' that are easy to do!)

If I were you, I'd choose the 'done for me Option #3. 

Total Value $488

Today's Price $47 with COUPON CODE 'training'
but ONLY for a very limited time!


Time is Running Out for This One-Time Price

 Join this Workshop Now

Working with thousands of people on 5 continents I've discovered that there are two main types of people in the world...

The first type are people who wish, hope, or want things to be different than they are now and even though they 'try' to change things, the things they try just DON'T WORK (mostly because they just don't know any better).

They either keep doing what doesn't work and keep getting the results they DON'T WANT (you know that old saying about the definition of insanity, right?)... or they give up.

The second type of people know the ONLY way to get the results they want is to find someone who has gotten those results and LEARN FROM THEM.

Both groups of people 'take action'. But only the second group takes INTELLIGENT action to actually produce the results they want.


I signed up because...

Here are a few reasons others like you have already signed up for this workshop.

"I want to create a better life, be a better woman who can understand men better. I want to support and guide my son (he is my main reason), but I also want to better understand my husband, brothers, and nephews. 

Looking forward to be a small part of the change." -- C. P.

"I feel like I can benefit from this offer. I [am taking] you up on it. I need just a little more gusto in my life and I am ready to start investing in my future. I want to have an extraordinary life... I need this to help me. I'm ready to be a MAN not a boy in man's clothing. I need the respect for myself, and for others; I look forward to the changes that this will bring me. I also want you to know that this may be THE MOST difficult thing for me. I don't change easily. I have OCD/anxiety and so going slowly enough that I don't trigger a panic attack... I'm in a better place now though... I can better my circumstances and mold a MAN." -- A. K.

"Husband and I are happy, and yet there is so much more we can do to make our relationship even more amazing.  Now my 15-year-old son is keeping us on our toes and I figure we need ALL the help we can get.  He has been reading your emails about this workshop so, I thought I’d see what tools I might be able to add to our mix.  My boy is amazing, and there is yet so much he needs to learn."  -- S.N.

"I bought this because I know I have good potential but I just want to be better. I want to be an example to my kids. I want to MAKE it and be WITH it and have it together. I also am starting over financially in my life at 45 and I want to make changes that help me jump ahead even though I’m behind." -- Taylor W.