Course curriculum

  • 1

    What is Worldschooling?

    • What is World Schooling and why is it important?
    • Are you Living At Your Best? — Lessons from a Horse Farm in Slovenia
    • Lessons from Chateau D’If
    • Fortifying Our Lives — Lessons from a Fortress in France
    • Building Your Life on a Solid Foundation — Lessons from the Leaning Tower of Pisa
    • Talent, Culture and Legacy — Naples, Italy
    • Artists and Con Artists in Rome
    • Treating People As They Can Become.. The Dulcinea Principle (Costa Brava, Barcelona)
    • You Only Live Once. Do Something Awesome! (Mt. Vesuvius/Pompeii)
  • 2

    You Can Do It Too!

    • Emotional Lessons from Our WWII Trip
    • When Will it FINALLY Be ENOUGH That You Decide to Change?!?
    • Avoid Bad Decisions & Choices That Will Hurt Your Life & Those You Love
    • Religions Around the World — Is Religion Bad? (+Spiritual vs. Religious Beliefs)
    • What Will You Do Greatly? Lessons From Rome
    • Realities of Long Term Travel- Is It Worth It?