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    1. A message from Greg Denning

    1. February 15: Fly into Quito, Ecuador (Flights Not Included)

    2. February 16: Hike Rucu Pinchincha to Acclimatize

    3. February 17: Hike to Quilatoa Lake to Acclimatize

    4. February 18: Hike to the Refuge on Cotopaxi and Stay the Night

    5. February 19: Summit Cotopaxi (19,347 ft)

    6. February 20: Return to Quito & Spend the Night Near the Quito Airport

    1. What's Included?

    2. What's Not Included?

    3. Packing List

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"If you want to change the mind and your perception and your consciousness you've got to expose yourself to the hardships of nature and learn to control fear. Go past [your limits] to get in control of 100% of the brain's capacity."

-- Wim Hof

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