• YES! Women Are Welcome to Join the Masterclass, but this is NOT a Mixed Group Experience. I am speaking to the MEN -- your husbands, sons, fathers, brothers. You might not like everything you hear, but I'm speaking the truth men NEED to hear and know about themselves.

What if I could show you...

  • How to have your wife adore, respect, and WANT you when you learn simple but powerful ways to be a better husband, partner, and lover... ?

  • How to be the EXAMPLE of the MAN your sons should become... and the man your daughters should marry... ?

  • AT THE SAME TIME, drop the weight, build muscle, and get in the BEST shape of your life... ?

  • PLUS explode your income and have your highest earning months EVER... ?

  • AND deepen your spirituality or relationship with God... ?

  • ALL THIS WITHOUT getting out of balance like many men do which leads to getting divorced, abandoning their children, losing their faith, or leaving their religion... ?

This is the EXACT thing I have done for myself and the countless men I've coached on 5 continents and 44 countries for the past 20+ years...

Sound too good to be true?

Will you be next?

I recently launched the Be the Man Masterclass, a project I've been working on for 10+ years.

I'm 43-years-old and I've not only grown a six-figure business while traveling to 44 countries and helping to homeschool my 7-children, but I'm passionately married to my wife of 20 years...

And we're raising our three sons and four daughters (ages 18, 16, 15, 14, 10, 7, and 4) to live a life of adventure, meaning, purpose, and fulfillment, connected to and guided by their Higher power.

I've taught men just like you how to SIMULTANEOUSLY grow their businesses, strengthen their marriages, influence their families, and get in the best shape of their life using the Be the Man method.

If you're ready to level up using this proprietary method, I'm going to take you through an IMMERSIVE experience for the next year of your life to help you gain deep clarity, courage, certainty, and confidence as you increase your competence and capabilities

Living a life of "Quiet Desperation", "Slowly dying on the inside", or "in a walking-coma for the past 10 years"...

Thousands of Married Fathers & Businessmen feel:


  • Their spouse is a roommate, not a lover -- and men need a lover to become their very BEST selves.

  • A lack of CLARITY and FOCUS about what really matters to them -- so they procrastinate the important things.

  • Their energy levels are lower than they've ever been -- they only make it through each day thanks to energy drinks, sugar, and sodas.

  • Embarrassed of the body they now have. They know they need to lose a few -- or more -- pounds, so they can look sexier, FEEL better, and be HEALTHIER.

  • The need to 'buffer' -- checking out mentally with Netflix, social media, or video games to avoid facing the missing void they feel in their soul.

  • They suck at providing for their family -- even if they're earning 'good' money. Plus, 'What's the point of working so much and sacrificing my life" to earn more when my wife and kids just spend it all?

  • They're 'playing small' and know they have more potential -- but don't know how to 'tap into it'.


There's a REASON so many husbands and fathers feel this way...

  • There's a reason... Dad's feel ashamed that they're not someone their sons can look up to or respect...

  • It's not an accident... Husband's feel criticized and disapproved of by their wives...

  • There's a reason... Men feel the actions they take (or don't take) don't align with the man they 'claim' to be...

  • It's not an accident... Most men are slowly 'dying on the inside' and slipping into a life of 'quiet desperation' where they wonder, "What's the point?" They're simply existing in a life devoid of any purpose or direction.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    You're ready to Be THE MAN! Welcome to the Real Men Roadmap!

    • A message from the instructor (3:25)

    • How To Get The Most From This Course (5:35)

    • How It All Works (1:35)

    • Before we begin...(5:00)

  • 02

    Live Trainings-- Schedule & Recordings

    • Meeting Link & Schedule

    • July 1, 2021 @ 7:30 EST

    • Recording: Intros, Clarity, and Self Doubt

    • Recording: Identity, Buffering, and A Noble Aim

    • Recording: She Died in My Arms

    • Recording: What You Focus On You Feel

    • Recording: The Decision-Making Framework

    • Recording: Real Men are 100% Responsible

    • Recording: The Fourth Turning & What To Do About It

  • 03

    The Real Man Begins NOW

  • 04

    Real Men Master The Mind

  • 05

    Real Men Have a 'Hard Deck' & TRAIN for Greatness

    • 3.1 The Masters or The Masses (8:41)

    • 3.2 The Path Of Mastery (10:30)

    • 3.3 The Hard Deck

    • 3.5 Your Word Reputation-- Watch Your Words (2:27)

    • 3.9 Meek & Formidable

    • 3.10 Social Ninja Skills (5:11)

    • Raise Necessity (6:22)

    • The Wretch (0:15)

    • Real Men Prepare Themselves To Help Others

    • Quarterly or Annual Self Analysis

    • The Expanded Life

    • Just Change

    • Don’t Do Stupid

    • The Mark of Manliness & Maturity

    • Real Men Clean Out The Corners of Their Lives

    • TRAIN FOR GREATNESS: Always Be Ready

  • 06

    Real Men Do Hard Things

  • 07

    Real Men Generate Energy & Stay Sexy

    • 5.1 Energy-- You Are a Generator

    • 5.2 Health

    • 5.3 Leading Causes of Preventable Deaths (4:46)

    • 5.4 Food Is Your Fuel

    • 5.4a Food On Your Brain — Dr. Amen (20:10)

    • 5.4b 11 Risk Factors That Destroy Your Brain—Dr Amen & Tom B. (54:30)

    • 5.5 Intermittent Fasting

    • 5.7 First Step For Fitness—Drop Excess Weight (12:00)

    • 5.8 HIIT Is The Best Exercise For Your Body

    • Testosterone

    • Secret to Ending Mental Illness—Dr Amen & Tom Bilyeu (54:30)

    • When to Listen to Your Body & When to Ignore It (4:21)

    • How to Live Better and Live Longer

  • 08

    Real Men Build a Foundation & Follow a Formula

    • 6.0 The Extraordinary Family Life Formula

    • 7.1 Introduction to the SPQR Formula

    • 7.2 The Foundation is 100% Ownership

    • 7.6 Strategy

    • 7.3 Principles & Practices

    • 7.4 Question The Status Quo

    • 7.5 Research & Results

    • 7.7 Fall to the Level of Your Training

  • 09

    Real Men Get It Done

"I am grateful that I got to pay for this course."

It feels good to invest in learning how to develop relationships, bringing out the character within. I am excited to become more and more who I am destined to become! Thanks Greg!