Is Your Teen Lacking Direction & Passion?
Help Them Discover Their Life Mission & Become the HERO of their Own Life Story

Teens thrive with a non-parent mentor who inspires and challenges them!

Join a Daily Accountability Group for Teens

Meet with a Mentor & Peers for One-on-One and Group Sessions

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    Welcome to M.A.P. -- Mentoring Accountability Program

    • >>>> Join LIVE M.A.P. Sessions M-F @ 9:45 or 10 am CST

  • 02

    How to Succeed in M.A.P. and LIFE

    • How & WHY to Use the Planner to Set 3 Month Goals

    • Making & Keeping Commitments to Yourself & Others

  • 03

    Daily Accountability Mentoring

    • The Life List - 9/28/20 am

    • The Life List - 9/28/20 pm

    • Importance of Action (RTBD) - 9/29/20 pm

    • What is M.A.P ? - 9/30/20 am

    • Best Self - 9/30/20 pm

  • 04

    Holistic Life Education Coaching for Parents

    • Meet Twice Per Month for Education Coaching with Greg & Rachel Denning

  • 05

    Live Online Class for Teens

    • Habits for a Successful Life - -Tuesdays & Thursdays at 11 am EST

  • 06

    Study Abroad Programs, Reach Upward Camps, & International Trips

    • Participate in Study Abroad Programs, Reach Upward Youth Camps, and International Trips for Families and Youth!

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    M.A.P. Recordings April 2021

    • April 26, Introductions and what is MAP?

    • The Importance Of Keeping Commitments

M.A.P. -- the Mentoring Accountability Program

For Teens Ages 13+

M.A.P. is a unique combination of self-directed online or at-home education with accountability from mentors and peers, plus project-based, real-world, portfolio-building learning.

We also provide regular in-person camps and challenges, skills development, mentoring, adventure, and experiential learning opportunities.

2021 Schedule

*Students are welcome to join any time of the year.

Are You One of Us?

We are looking for families & students that are the 'right fit' for the M.A.P. culture which is based on purpose, mission, growth and learning, values and contribution, and adventure.

If you feel you are the 'right fit' for this program, we invite you to join us! We have flexible tuition options and even financial aid available.

Meet Your Mentor(s)

Who Are We?

Devon is a youth influencer, traveler, experience enthusiast, and a big believer that teens are limitless!

As a teen, he caught a vision of how incredible personal development can be (he was mentored by Greg Denning for 9+ years). He was set on a path to go from a timid, quiet, kid, to someone who is STOKED for anything that gets the blood pumpin’! He's gained the confidence to bungee jump, skydive, fly by himself halfway across the world when he was 17, learn Spanish, become an influencer, and go on a two-year mission trip for his church (among other things!)

Devon helps kids get out of their comfort zones, do epic things, take extreme ownership of their lives, and provide them with the tools and community to create an incredible life!

Devon Kelly


Meet Your Mentor(s)

Who Are We?

Rachel is an (sometimes overly) ambitious mother of seven children who likes to challenge herself to see how much she can accomplish. That currently includes homeschooling, managing a six-figure business, and traveling to 36+ countries with her family and friends.

She loves to read, learn, and travel, and create or source resources for her children to get the best education possible, which most often includes incredible experiences around the globe.

She's married to her best-friend and lover and in March 2021 they celebrate 20 years of blissful marriage.

Rachel Denning

Educator, Writer, Designer & CIO -- Chief Implementation Officer