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    Welcome to M.A.P. -- Mentoring Accountability Program

    • A Message from Greg & Rachel Denning
    • A Message from Your Mentor -- Devon Kelly
    • What You Need to Get Started
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    Daily Accountability Mentoring

    • Students Meet Live Every Day with a Mentor for Accountability & Guidance to Help Them Reach Their Education Goals
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    Holistic Life Education Coaching for Parents

    • Meet Twice Per Month for Education Coaching with Greg & Rachel Denning
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    Live Online Class for Teens

    • Habits for a Successful Life - -Tuesdays & Thursdays at 11 am EST
  • 5

    Study Abroad Programs, Reach Upward Camps, & International Trips

    • Participate in Study Abroad Programs, Reach Upward Youth Camps, and International Trips for Families and Youth!
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    • Curriculum Resources

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