I'm so impressed with...

I just wanted to say I have been so impressed with the worksheets [Planner] you’ve made for MAP. They are amazing. [My daughter] is loving them and I hear myself saying “Ok no more self improvement tonight it’s time for bed!” A problem I’ll gladly take!
-- Emily E.

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    Welcome to M.A.P. -- Mentoring Accountability Program

    • A Message from Greg & Rachel Denning

    • A Message from Your Mentor -- Devon Kelly

    • What You Need to Get Started

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    Daily Accountability Mentoring

    • Students Meet Live Every Day with a Mentor for Accountability & Guidance to Help Them Reach Their Education Goals

    • The Life List - 9/28/20 am

    • The Life List - 9/28/20 pm

    • Importance of Action (RTBD) - 9/29/20 pm

    • What is M.A.P ? - 9/30/20 am

    • Best Self - 9/30/20 pm

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    Holistic Life Education Coaching for Parents

    • Meet Twice Per Month for Education Coaching with Greg & Rachel Denning

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    Live Online Class for Teens

    • Habits for a Successful Life - -Tuesdays & Thursdays at 11 am EST

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    Study Abroad Programs, Reach Upward Camps, & International Trips

    • Participate in Study Abroad Programs, Reach Upward Youth Camps, and International Trips for Families and Youth!

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    • Curriculum Resources

Thanks for an amazing program!

Thanks Greg and Rachel for such an amazing program. Devon [the mentor] is great and [my son] is really connecting with him. We have also been enjoying the Habits [of a Successful Life live] course with Greg. I read the books aloud to both of my teens, and periodically listen in on what Greg has to say. I am really looking forward to the growth that I think [he] can have in this program.
-- Beth P.

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He's doing what I've been begging him to do for years!

I’m so happy with M.A.P. The accountability is exactly what he needs -- and it's not from me. He’s choosing his own path and has positive peer pressure, instead of pressure from mom. He’s picking his own things to learn. This is what I’ve been begging him to do for years -- to pick his path, set up accountability systems, and to follow up. Thanks so much!
-- Angela G.

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