Course curriculum

  • 01

    Life Style & Philosophy

    • How to Create Patchwork Income #1

    • How to create patchwork income #2

    • Work Less, Make More, Travel with Your Family

    • How to Design Your Income Around Travel

    • Why Traveling is Cheaper Than Staying Home

    • Limiting Beliefs Can Keep You From Your Dream

    • How to Connect With the Right People

    • Giving Up the American Dream to Follow Your Own

    • Don’t wait for all the answers, just go!

    • Retire Early, Travel the World

    • The Basics of Travel Hacking

  • 02

    Location and Independence

    • Work hard and follow what you love!

    • The Exchange Rate for Freedom and Happiness

    • Suitcase Entrepreneur - Create Your Own Lifestyle Business

    • The New American Dream - Work Online, Live Internationally

    • Building Apps and Trading Foreign Currency -- It's Easier Than You Think

    • I Wrote One Ebook That's Earned $2.5 mil. in Sales -- And Allowed Me to Travel to 60 Countries

    • Build an Online Business Doing Something You Love

    • How to Build an Online Business in the 'New Economy'

    • Why a layoff from work can be the best thing that ever happened

    • How to fund travel after losing all of your money

    • Making your business location independent

    • Falling in Love with living life ( and circling the globe)

  • 03

    Savings and Debt

    • Sell Your Crap, Gain Your Freedom, Live Your Dream

    • Saving for a Dream While Living Paycheck to Paycheck

  • 04

    Travel Jobs and Remote Work

    • How to Design Your Life So You Have Options...

    • How to keep your job and still move abroad

    • Getting your spouse on board and working remotely

    • Live Better Working Remotely Abroad

    • Working as an Au Pair and a Freelance Writer

    • Quit Your Job and Create Your Own (AND Give Yourself a Raise)

    • Working as a Traveling Nurse

  • 05

    Finding Work Abroad

    • Kick Your Comfort Zone to Do the Impossible

    • Limitless Opportunities to Work Abroad

    • How to Get a Job Abroad

    • Teaching Abroad & Real Estate Investing

  • 06

    Funding Travel Q&A Sessions

    • Q&A: Online Business Building; Spouse on Board and More

    • Q&A: Finding Creative Ways to Fund Travel

    • Q&A: How to Find Cheap Ways to Travel

    • Q&A: How to Actually Travel Instead of Just Dreaming About It

  • 07

    Bonus: THE Fastest, Most Direct Path

    • THE Fastest, Most Direct Path to a Location Independent Income

    • A Talk With Danielle & Dan Greason, On the Beach In Costa Rica

  • 08

    The First 3 Essential Steps

    • Step #1

    • Step #2

    • Step #3