Design an EXTRAORDINARY Family Life & Make Changes that ACTUALLY Last with our Holistic Approach

The Extraordinary Family Life Formula can help you create a dream family life with a focus on implementing family SYSTEMS, developing new habits and family culture, and setting up your family to succeed for the long term.


"I've gotten so much from The Extraordinary Family Life Formula"

-- Andrea H.

The GREAT News is That It IS Possible to Make Your Job as a Parent EASIER with the Right Skills. Discover the Tools That Actually WORK Long-Term and Are 100% in Your Control (instead of trying to control others)
Nothing Gets Better Until YOU Do

Become a better PERSON and you automatically become a better PARENT.

Better Parenting is a Skill You Can Learn

Just like anything else in life -- music or sports -- parenting is a skill that improves with DELIBERATE PRACTICE.

Improve the Basics to Improve the Whole

When you make 1% improvements in each of the basic elements of family life you create exponential growth.

  • 01

    [Start Here] Welcome to "The Formula" PLUS The Best 28 Days of Your Life!!

    • [Start Here] The Best 28 Days of Your Life

    • What is 'The Extraordinary Family Life Formula'? [Part 1] -- The Elements & The Foundation

    • 'The Extraordinary Family Life Formula' [Part 2] -- M.E.T.A.L.

    • What's In Front of You Gets Your Attention -- Using Family Vision Boards to Achieve Your Dreams

    • Quick Start Guide to the 28-Day Challenge

    • [PDF] Routine & Habit Tracker!

    • 4-Week Habit Tracker

    • [VIDEO] TRAINING: How to Use the Habit Tracker

    • "The Formula" Dates and Monthly Themes

  • 02

    Join the 28-Day Challenge... The Best 28-Days of Your Life!

    • Jan 2020 V.I.S.I.O.N. Live Training Recording

    • [BONUS VIDEO]: (2019) 28-Day Challenge Training -- The #1 Thing That's Holding You Back From Your Extraordinary Life

    • July 2020 Habit Tracker

  • 03

    Recordings from Past Live Trainings

    • Being More Intentional

    • Pursuing An Aim, Facing Your Fears

    • Order & Chaos

    • Bringing Order to Our Chaos/ Decluttering/ Weightloss/ Influence

    • [Family] Lifestyle--- The [L] in M.E.T.A.L.; Lying & Other Behavior Issues; The Root Cause of Family Problems; Doing the Work That Makes the Money; & MORE!

    • Family Culture, Income & Investing, and More

    • ACTION! -- Thrive on Change, Use Failure as Fertilizer, and Change Your Limiting Beliefs By Taking ACTION!

    • TRUST -- Simple Ways to Build More Self-Trust & Confidence So You Can Improve Every Relationship

    • ENERGY: Get Out of Survival Mode and Have X Times More Energy!!!

    • Mind

    • Family & Finances

    • Crisis Mode March 2020

    • Think, Model, Challenge

    • Training Yourself & Your Family

    • New Year, New You: 2020 V.I.S.I.O.N.

    • Defining Success

  • 04

    1st Element -- [Y] You

    • Day #1 [Y] YOU -- Get Ready for the BEST Year of Your Life!

    • Day #2 [Y] YOU: CAVI—Consistent And Vigorous Improvement

    • Day #3 [S] STRATEGY: Stop Swimming With Your Boots On!

    • Day #4 [S] STRATEGY -- Creating Your Extraordinary Life Plan

    • Day #5 [T]TRAINING: 3 Simple Steps To Live Longer, Healthier Lives (& Have More Energy!)

    • Day #6: [T] TRAINING: Increasing Your Capacity for Stress and Recovery

    • Day #7 [S] STRATEGY: Mess up? Be Patient With Yourself and Keep Personal Improvement FUN!!

    • [SUBMIT] Week #1 Habit Tracker

    • Day #8 [Y] YOU -- Own Your Choices to Change Your Conditions

    • Day #9 [T] Training -- How to Create and Use Affirmations and Declarations

    • Day #10 [T] TRAINING -- Turning On Your Energy!

    • Day #11 [S] STRATEGY -- Purging & Preventing—How to keep epic failures out of your life

    • Day #12 [S] STRATEGY -- Three Power Words with Alarms -- Why You Need Them

    • Day #13 [T] TRAINING -- How to Tell Your Own Future (aka Make Sure You Don't Have Lemon on Your Face)

    • Day #14 [T] TRAINING -- How to Rewrite the Stories in Your Head -- Changing the Narrative

    • [SUBMIT] Week #2 Habit Tracker

    • Day #15 [O] OWNERSHIP -- The 1 Thing That MUST Happen For You to Create Change

    • Day #16 [Y] YOU -- Your Moral Obligation to Become Your Best Self

    • Day #17 [L] LIFESTYLE -- The Simple Formula for an Extraordinary Life

    • Day #18 [L] LIFESTYLE -- Achievement Demands Sacrificing, But Don't Sacrifice the WRONG Stuff

    • Day #19 [Y] YOU -- Cultivating the COURAGE to Pursue Your Goals and Dreams

    • Day #20 [T] TRAINING -- 1% Changes Can Transform Every Area of Your Life

    • [SUBMIT] Week #3 Habit Tracker

    • Day #22 [S] STRATEGY -- How to Process and Release Negative/Toxic Emotions

    • Day #23 How to Get Back In the Game When You're Thrown Off By the Chaos of Family Life

    • Day #25 [L] LIFESTYLE -- What Kind of Life Do You Want to Live? What Kind of Life Are You Actually Living?

    • Day #26 [T] TRAINING -- Switch From High-Stress/Low-Results to Low-Stress/High-Results

    • Day #28 [Y] YOU -- Celebrate Your Successes

    • [SUBMIT] Week #4 Habit Tracker

    • Bonus: Overcoming Perfectionism

  • 05

    2nd Element -- [M] Marriage

    • Day #1 [Y] & [M] -- You AND Your Marriage—Time to Bring Back the Excitement

    • Day #2 [M] MARRIAGE -- CHOOSE To Be Joyfully Married

    • Day #3 [V] VISION -- See Your Marriage with New Eyes and Create a NEW Marriage

    • Day #4 [M] MIND -- Stay HUNGRY for Your Goals. Here's How to Keep Your Eyes on Your Target

    • Day #5 [P] PRINCIPLES & PRACTICES -- How to Achieve MORE in Less Time Than You Thought with 12-Week Goals

    • Day #6 [T] TRUST -- An Extraordinary Marriage Requires These 3 Types of Respect

    • Day #7 [O] OWNERSHIP -- Is Your Marriage ACTUALLY a Priority to You? Here's how to tell...

    • [SUBMIT] Week #1 Habit Tracker

    • DAY #8 [O] OWNERSHIP -- Take 100% Ownership Of Your Marriage (NOT Your Spouse)

    • Day #9 [P] PRINCIPLES & PRACTICES -- If You Do the 'Bare Minimum' You'll Get a 'Bare Minimum' Marriage

    • Day #10 [Q] STATUS QUO -- You're Not the Status Quo, So Don't Have a 'Status Quo' Marriage

    • Day #11 [R] RESEARCH & RESULTS -- There Are Only Two Things Keeping You From the Results You Want.

    • Day #12 [S] STRATEGY -- Success in Marriage is All About the 'S' word...

    • Day #13 [T] TRAINING -- Train Your Brain, Your Emotions, Your Sex Life, Your Relationship, Your Spouse

    • Day #14 [SUBMIT] -- Week #2 Habit Tracker

    • Day 15 [M] MARRIAGE -- Make Sure You're Doing It Both Ways ;)

    • Day #16 [Y] YOU -- A Blissful Marriage is a CHOICE, Not Chance or Luck

    • Day #17 [T] TRUST -- It's Safe to Assume That You Haven't YET Mastered This Art

    • [Day #20] Being Married is Like Jumping Out of An Airplane

    • [Day #21] How to Influence Your Spouse to Pursue D.U.M.B. Goals if They Can't or Won't

    • Day #21 [SUBMIT] -- Week #3 Habit Tracker

    • [Day #22] The Underlying Cause of Your Marital Differences is Because Your Spouse THINKS Different

    • [Day #23] How to Establish Healthy Boundaries (NOT Walls) in Your Marriage

    • [Day #24] The Condition of YOUR Heart = The Condition of Your Marriage

    • [Day #25] Ask Yourself These Questions to Get Out of Victimville and NEVER Go Back

    • [Day #26] How to Effectively Have the TOUGH, Intense Conversations with Your Spouse

    • [Day #27] Let's Talk About Sex

    • [SUBMIT] -- Week #4 Habit Tracker

    • Q&A: How Do We Make Decisions as a Couple?

    • Q&A: How to Actually Fix the Bigger, 'Upstream' Problems That Are Causing Undesirable 'Symptoms'

  • 06

    3rd Element -- [P] Parenting

    • [Day #1] LEAD Instead of Just MANAGE Your Family -- PLUS How to Have More INFLUENCE At Home

    • [Day #2] Is Being a Parent Your Dream Life... or Nightmare?

    • Day #3 [T] TRAINING -- This Common Sense is NOT Common Practice. It's Time You [Finally] Do It

    • Day #4 [P] PARENTING -- The REAL Reason Your Kids Won't Do What You Say

    • Day #6 [S] SYSTEMS -- Prevent Self-and-Family Sabotage With Great Systems

    • Day #7 [L] LIFESTYLE -- Take This One Seriously (Even If It Disrupts Your Life) It MATTERS! Food and Your Family

    • [SUBMIT] Week #1 Habit Tracker

    • Day #8 [L] LIFESTYLE -- Improve the QUALITY of Your Sleep (& Your Parenting) With These Sleep Strategies

    • Day #12 [P] PARENTING -- Be a Better Spouse to Be a Better Parent

    • Day #13 -- Challenge Your Children (& Allow Them to Struggle) So You Don't Sabotage Their Growth

    • Day #14 -- Modeling RESPONDING Instead of REACTING -- Your Children Are WATCHING

    • [SUBMIT] Week #2 Habit Tracker

    • Day #15 [P] PARENTING -- Adequately Preparing Your Children for Future Opportunities

    • Day #17 [S] STRATEGY -- The Quality of Your Child's Life Will Be Dictated by the Quality of Their Thinking -- Teach Them HOW to Think

    • [SUBMIT] Week #3 Habit Tracker

    • Day # 20 [T] TRAINING -- How to Stop Yelling at Your Children

    • Day # 21 [P] PARENTING -- Your Children WANT and NEED You to Be Happy

    • Day # 22 [P] PARENTING -- Allowing Your Children to Choose

    • Day # 23 [T] TRAINING -- LEAN Into Your Children and Your Challenges

    • Day # 24 [P] PARENTING -- How to Raise Boys and Girls Differently

    • Day # 25 [S] STRATEGY -- Focus on the CAUSE not the EFFECT of Misbehavior & Family Problems

    • Day # 26 [P] PARENTING -- Teach Your Children to Dream and Achieve

    • Day #27 [S] STRATEGY -- How to Stop Getting Upset Over Small Things

    • Bonus: What to Do with Difficult Children

    • Bonus: Wheel of Life for Parenting

  • 07

    4th Element -- [F] Family Culture

    • Day #1 Cultivating a Solid Family Culture of Resilience & Strength

    • Day #2 -- What IS Family Culture and WHY Does it Matter SO Much?

    • Day #3 What Kind of Family Culture Do You Want?

    • Day #4 Make it visual—A Family Manifesto

    • Day #5 How to Overcome the Resistance (from Your Spouse & Children)

    • Day #6 Input Determines Output, and Your Family Culture

    • Day #7 The Culture of Family Develoment

    • Day #9 Eliminating the ‘Family Drama’ Culture

    • Day #10 Cognitive Restructuring -- Giving Experiences & Events the Meaning YOU Want Them to Have

    • Day #11 Choosing to Be Challenged -- the Obstacle IS the Way

    • Day #12 Developing Resilience as a Parent So You Can Model it for Your Children

    • Day #15 -- Unlearning & Relearning -- Why What You KNOW and Don't Know May Be Sabotaging Your Family

    • Day #16 -- If You're Struggling with Your Family Culture It's Because Your SYSTEMS Suck -- Successful Families Succeed Because They Are More Strategic

    • Day #17 -- DESIGNING Your Family Life MATTERS for Your Posterity

    • Day #18 -- How the Culture of Your Marriage Affects the Culture of Your Family

    • Day #19 -- You Can't Expect Your Kids to Be MORE _______ Than You Are

    • Day #23 -- Celebrate Your Success And Progress (& Your Children's Too)

    • Day #24 Stress & Recovery -- How to Stress More to Grow, Then Recover to Stay Sane

    • Use the '5 Whys' to Discover the Source of Family Problems

    • Day #27 Make Important Things... Important

    • Day #28 Establishing a New Normal in Your Family

    • [SUBMIT] Weeks #1 - #4 Habit Trackers

    • Day #26 Family Roles

  • 08

    5th Element -- [Fi] Finances

    • Day #1 It Begins -- Your Money Journey

    • Day #2 The M.E.T.A.L. of Money and Why it Matters So Much

    • Day #3 What Do You REALLY Want? Don't Let Society's 'SHOULDS' Determine Your Financial Goals

    • Day #4 Your Relationship with Money and Your 6 Human Needs -- Building a Foundation

    • Day #5 The 5 Financial Dreams -- Choose 3: Short, Medium, and Longterm

    • Day #6 When You Work, WORK!

    • Day #8 Get Strategic About the Best Investment You Can Make -- This is the Only Thing Standing in Your Way

    • Day #9 Your Earning Ability is Your GREATEST Asset

    • Day #10 If You Don’t Measure It You Can’t Manage It

    • Day #11 Debt Free Purchase... or Debt Payments? When Debt Makes Sense

    • Day #12 The Most Important Factor in the Timing and Height of Your Financial Trajectory Is To Make Yourself More Valuable

    • Day #14 Money PSYCHOLOGY Will Determine Your Financial Success -- What You Think About You Bring About

    • Day #16 Your Family Economy & Why It's Critically Important (And How to Do It)

    • Day #17 Riches & Wealth Are Like Apples Vs. Orchards

    • Day #18 It’s Time to Get Serious -- A Financial "Call to Arms"

    • Day #20 How & Where to Begin Investing -- Some Ideas

    • Day #23 You Can Become Wealthy IF You Are AWARE of and DO These 5 Things

    • Day #24 Exponential Thinking and Growth

    • Day #25 Play BIGGER... or Remain Content. The Choice is Yours

    • DAY #26 The #1 MOST Import Investing Decision -- 3 Investing Buckets and Asset Allocation

    • Day #27 CONTROL & Protect Your Money to INCREASE Your Money

    • Day #28 Five Things You Need to Act on Immediately to Stop Losing Money Now

    • BONUS: Staying Ahead of the Treadmill of Inflation

    • [SUBMIT] Weeks #1 - #4 Habit Trackers

  • 09

    M.E.T.A.L. -- [M] Mindset

    • Mindset, the First Part of M.E.T.A.L. -- Live Training May 27, 2020

    • Your Thinking is Creating Your Circumstances -- The Mind Directs Everything in Your Life

    • You BECOME What You Think About MOST of the Time

    • "Keep Your Mind on Your Business" -- Harnessing the Power of Mental Focus

    • Day #4 -- Scan Your Brain and Look for Mental Viruses

    • Day #5 -- Mindset, Identity and KINGDOMS! Oh My!

    • Day #8 -- Give Your 'Genius Mind' the RIGHT Things to Work On -- Powerful Questions to Direct Your Mind

    • Day #9 -- Stop Blaming Others... And TAKE BACK the Power of Your Mind

    • Day #10 -- Your Thinking, Beliefs & Worldviews Are Determined By Your Zip Code

    • DAY #11 -- Cultivating Mental Toughness -- Are you Mentally Tough or Flabby?

    • Day #12 -- How Much RWID Are You Giving to the Thoughts That MATTER?

    • Day #16 -- Get Rid of the Termites BEFORE You Try to Build Your Life -- They Are Sabotaging You

    • Day #17 -- What You Believe is What You Achieve -- Change the Settings of Your Mind to Change Your Life

    • Day #18 -- This Part of the Brain is the Gatekeeper of Success -- Activating the Reticular Activating System (RAS) in Your Favor

    • Day #19 -- RAS 2.0 What You Think About You Bring About

    • Day #20 -- The 4 Factors (aka Circuits) That Influence Your Mental Health

    • How's Your Mental Fitness? Are You Mentally Out of Shape?

    • Mental Circuit #1: Psychology -- Are Dragonflies Really Lucky?

    • Mental circuit #2: Biology--Moving Your Body and Feeding Your Brain

    • Mental Circuit #3: Sociology -- Investing in Your Relationships and Improving Social Skills

    • Mental Circuit #4: Spirituality -- You are a spiritual being.

    • SUBMIT Habit Trackers for Weeks 1-4

  • 10

    M.E.T.A.L. -- [E] Emotions & Energy

    • How to Have More Energy And Get Out of Survival Mode!! -- Recorded Training June 2020

    • Emotions Can Be Your Personal Power Plant -- Learn How to Tap In to Them

    • What Level of Energy Do the People You Love NEED You to Show Up With?

    • Energy Patterns, Energy Habits & Generating Energy ON DEMAND

    • Stop These Emotional/Energy Leaks & Drains

    • Action Generates Energy -- Use Your 'Dynamo' to Feel More Energized

    • You're NOT a Victim... But Conditions DO Matter. Create the Conditions You Need to Maintain Positive Emotions & Energy

    • Stop Allowing Your Mind to Be a Dumping Ground for Other People's Trashy Ideas

    • Are You on the Offensive or Defensive? Your Posture Determines Your Life -- Find a Way or MAKE One!

    • You Can't Afford to 'Wing It' Through the Most Important Thing You Do Each Day

    • Learn to Change Your 'Emotional Temperatures' on Demand and Everything in Life Will Function Better

    • Geeking Out on The Biology of Energy -- Healthy, Energized Cells = Healthy, Energized Body

    • Dealing With Loss, Failure, Tragedy & Other Heavy or Negative Emotions

  • 11

    M.E.T.A.L. -- [T] Trust

    • Improve the Trust in Your Relationships With This 'Trust' Self-Examination

    • How to Become More Unfailingly Honest & Good... Inside & Out

    • You Have to WANT to Want It -- Your Deep Desires Are the Foundation of Self-Trust

    • Can You Actually Be Trusted to Get Things Done? Are You Competent & Capable?

    • Don't Be 'That' Person, That Business, That Family... Commit to Excellence in the Things That Matter

    • More Competence = Bigger Rewards. What Are Your Competencies & Incompetencies?

    • Creating Competence & Cultivating More Trust in Yourself

    • Increasing the Levels of Trust in Your Marriage

    • Increasing Trust With Your Children to Improve Your Parenting

    • How to Cultivate, Build, & Rebuild Trust as a Family Culture

    • Financially Train Yourself First And Then Train Your Family So You Have More 'Money Trust'

  • 12

    M.E.T.A.L.— [A] Action

    • Do This When 'Everything' Goes Wrong & Life Knocks You Down

    • This is THE Bridge That Spans The Gulf Between Mediocrity and Greatness

    • The Best Intentions, Dreams, and Plans Are NOTHING Until You ACT! Action Generates Results.

    • How Your IDENTITY Prevents You From Taking Action

    • N.A.C. Neuro Associative Conditioning

    • Pain/Pleasure Paradigm

    • Act Or Else

    • Only Action Is Of Any Consequence

    • Action is The Parent of Understanding And Good Judgement

    • Knowing And Doing

  • 13

    M.E.T.A.L.-- [L] Lifestyle

    • Family Lifestyle Design-- What Lifestyle Do You Want?

    • Energy & Emotions of Your Lifestyle

    • You Get What You Tolerate

    • Love, Learn, Launch

    • 4 Happiness Circuits

    • Your life is too boring

    • Stress & Recovery

    • The Abundant Life


"I have had a lot of ups and downs and I now realize that I have made things worse with the way I react to my situation. I am glad I have the tools now to get out of this pattern. Thanks Greg and Rachel."

Here are some of the topics covered in The Formula

In the Modules above, we cover the following topics:

Increasing Your Capacity for Stress & Recovery
How to Be Patient With Yourself When You Mess Up
1% Improvements That Can Transform Your Life
The Simple Formula for an Extraordinary Family Life
Simple Strategies for More Energy
Creating Your Extraordinary Family Life Plan
How to Process & Release Negative & Toxic Emotions
How to Get Back in the Game When Life Throws You Off
How to Switch from High Stress/Low Results to Low Stress/High Results
Overcoming Perfectionism
Own Your Choice (& Power) to Change Your Life
How to Rewrite the Negative Stories In Your Head
Your MORAL OBLIGATION to Become Your Best Self
Cultivating the COURAGE to Pursue Your Dreams
Bring Back the EXCITEMENT to Your Marriage
Take 100% Ownership of Your Marriage, NOT Your Spouse
Avoiding a 'Bare Minimum' Marriage
A Blissful Marriage is a CHOICE, Not Chance
How to INFLUENCE Your Spouse
How to Establish Healthy BOUNDARIES in Marriage
How to Have Tough, Intense Conversations -- the Ones You NEED to Have
Let's Talk About Sex
How to Make Decisions as a Couple
How to LEAD Instead of Just MANAGE Your Family
The REAL Reason Your Kids Won't Do What You Say
Prepare Your Children for an UNCERTAIN Future
How to Stop YELLING At Your Children


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