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    Monthly Group Coaching to Create An Extraordinary Family Life

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    Video Training Classes (Recordings of Past Live Sessions)

    • Mindset--First letter of M.E.T.A.L. -- May 27, 2020
    • Addressing Questions & Challenges with Family Culture & Introduction to Money Psychology and May's 'Finances' Challenge -- April 29
    • LIVE Recording--Power Parenting -- April 1, 2020
    • Crisis Mode 'Corona Chat' -- March 25, 2020
    • How to LEAD Not Just MANAGE Your Family PLUS Increasing Your INFLUENCE at Home (Includes 'Extreme Health' Bonus Q&A -- February 26, 2020
    • Make Life Easier by Training Your Children (and Spouse) -- January 29, 2020
    • Your 2020 V.I.S.I.O.N. -- Jan. 2, 2020
    • In Between 2 Decades--Big Picture Training About Planning and Living the Next 10 Years. -- Dec 11
    • You Are a Part of a Rare Few... Only 1.7% Do This, and You're One of Them... -- Aug 1, 2019
    • The Majesty of Calmness -- Oct 24
    • Living Life With Daily Enthusiasm -- Sept 3
    • Dealing with Small Stresses Can Wear You Out. How to Let Go of Them -- August 13
    • Getting Things Done for Moms (and Dads too); S.M.A.R.T. vs. D.U.M.B. goals -- May 9, 2019
    • Living with Intention; The Exchange Rate -- April 23
    • Deal with Chaos; Learning to Focus; Making the Most of Your Opportunities -- April 11
    • Your Life DEPENDS on You Reaching Your Most Important Goal
    • Sleep; Epic Life Planner; March 19
    • Tools to Strengthen Your Mindset; Relationships; Homeschool Routines -- Feb 12, 2019
    • Cultivating an Abundance Mindset PLUS The #1 Mistake that Keeps You Stuck -- Jan 15, 2019
    • Strategies for Thriving (Not Just Surviving) Through the Chaos of Life -- Dec. 6, 2018
    • Why You Need N.A.P. to Get & Stay Motivated
    • Getting & Staying Motivated
    • Energy!!!
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    PDF Resources

    • Family Systems: Charts, Schedules & More
    • Printable (Example) Family Charts & Systems
    • Master List of MUST KNOW Adult Skills -- for Teens & Adults
    • PDF Ebook: "Every Single Qualification for Success" -- The Common Denominator by Albert Grey
    • Getting & Staying Motivated Worksheet
    • 4-Week Printable Habit Tracker (to be used with the 28-Day Challenge)


Would You Invest $7 To Totally Transform Your Life With The Same Training That Cost Us $75,000? Then Keep Reading...

When you join The School of Awesome-Sauce, you will receive our BEST training on advanced strategies for holistically transforming  your life in 5 main areas:
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  • Become an Extraordinary Parent (or Prepare For It)

  • Get in the Best Shape of Your Life!
  • Generate Positive Emotions and Additional Energy
  • AS A BONUS, we will be sharing advanced strategies we're using to develop our family culture, homeschool, and build own business online.
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You are awesome! No, seriously you are!

Do you know how we know that? It's because you're a little more driven than your peers. You have a few more dreams, some crazier ideas, and a desire for MORE!

Isn't it true?

Aren't you ACHING for something else right now? To reach the next level in life, to have more abundance, more adventure, more fulfillment, meaning, confidence and passion?

Lots of people might SAY that, but you're different.

YOU take action. That's why you watch our videos, read our posts and LEARN everything you can.

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You know it's meant to be lived on PURPOSE.

You're the kind of person who really wants to follow your heart and live your dream -- to earn more, love more, and live your mission and purpose.

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So that's why you're awesome. And that's why we honor you for reading this.

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What would your life be like if you doubled or tripled your energy, focus, motivation and confidence?

Every month we go LIVE with the people in our School of Awesome-Sauce Coaching Program.

It's like an ongoing zap of motivation, energy, clarity, and direction. 

We all know people (maybe it's happened to you) who get inspired by a book, video, insight or idea, but then lose the fire and MOMENTUM once life hits them in the face and knocks them on the ground. 

That's because motivation requires CONSISTENCY! It's like eating -- you need to do it regularly.

So we're going to LEVEL UP with a special once-a-year 2-HOUR LIVE training!!

PLUS, there you will have the on-going LIVE training twice every month to help you stay on track!

  • Every month we spend 60 min. with this group LIVE online.
  • We teach our latest strategies and techniques that are working NOW and then provide coaching and Q&A. We also give prizes for people asking great questions and making huge progress!
  • Our students report HUGE increases in motivation, energy, clarity, focus, and confidence every month. Who else is keeping you fired up, focused, and driven to REACH UPWARD!?

We're in this together! Let us train you, guide you, give you challenges and provide accountability!

We Live an Amazing Life Because of Greg & Rachel!

"Back in 2010, I would get home from my job around 6pm or so and find my wife, Heidi, reading... Greg and Rachel Denning's [stuff]. Heidi told me she wanted to... do something cool as a family but I always dismissed it because, well, I had a job and we had bills and all that nonsense.

Heidi wasn't dismayed and continued reading everything Greg and Rachel put out including watching all of their videos. Later that year, I was laid-off and after about 30 seconds of "freaking out", Heidi's voice changed and she said, "You're not getting another job. Jobs aren't helping get us closer to our dreams.
This is it. It's go time!"

It was one of the most decisive moments in our life. All of the amazing adventures we've gone on & the incredible lifestyle we have came from that one moment. I can honestly say that Greg and Rachel had a profound impact... We are forever indebted for the inspiration Greg and Rachel provided!"