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Hiking Orizaba can be challenging and is important to be in good shape and to have some experience in high altitude.

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    Climb to 19,347 Feet

    • A message from Greg Denning

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    Itinerary January 27 - February 2, 2021

    • January 27: Fly into Mexico City (Flights Not Included)

    • January 28: Explore Teotihuacan Ruins

    • January 29: Travel to Orizaba; Stop in Cholula/Puebla

    • January 30: Begin the Ascent and Spend the Night

    • January 31: Summit and Descend

    • February 1: Rest & Recover (Free Day)

    • February 2: Return to Mexico City (via bus) to fly home

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    What's Included (& What's Not) and What to Bring

* Trip refundability excludes oversights or lack of planning on the part of the participant (i.e. failing to get a necessary COVID test in order to travel to a country, or resulting in missed flights, etc.)